Advance Info

  • Load-in is generally 2 hours before doors with soundcheck to follow. If you need more (or less) time, we can accommodate but let us know in advance.
  • Doors are generally an hour before showtime.
  • Guest List – 1 per member, maximum of 5. Guest list must be submitted to bartender before doors open – no changes/additions can be made once doors are open to public.
  • Soundcheck – Soundcheck is reserved for the last act (if you are playing last and do not require a soundcheck, please let me know.) If the last act is not loaded-in before the opener arrives, then the headliner act may forfeit their soundcheck. Soundcheck is not possible for second acts on three band bills. All soundchecks must conclude before door time.
  • Load-out – During business hours, we request acts load-out of the back entrance only. Load-out must take place in-between band sets. The door must be locked securely while each act is onstage.
  • Band Parking – You can load directly onto stage from back door. A staff member will tell you where to relocate your vehicle once you have unloaded.
  • Green Room – Green Room is located upstairs from the venue and requires a separate key for entry.  Green Room is equipped with a private bath and shower.
  • Wifi – The network is Local 506. The password is notmebaby506.
  • Hotel – Please email for special band rates with Chapel Hill University Inn
  • Day of Show Phone Number (texting is also fine): 919-942-5506
  • Advance all shows with




Tech Specs

Local 506 Production Inventory
FOH mixing desk Soundcraft GB4
FOH EQ – dbx 1231
Monitor EG – dbx 231 (individual EQs for four monitor mixes)
Compression/Gate inserts

  • dbx 166A
  • dbx 266XL
  • Really Nice Compression

Efx TC Electronic M1 and M 350
dbx Driverack PA+


  • 2 PAS Subs

Monitors – 2 JBL 115

  • 2 Yamaha CM 15V
  • 1 JBL 215


  • Crown XT 4000
  • Crown XLS 602
  • Crown M-tech 1200
  • QSC RMX 5050
  • QSC MX 2000
  • M-Tech 1200


  • 4 Shure Beta 58
  • 4 Shure 58
  • 4 Shure 58 (bangers)
  • 7 Shure 57
  • 1 Shure Beta 52A
  • 3 Sennheiser 604
  • 3 Sennheiser e609
  • 1 Sennheiser e835
  • 1 Audix D6


  • 3 Radial JDI
  • 1 Radial Pro DI
  • 2 Whirwind DI

Misc mic stands and XLR cabling


Stage dimensions: 17′ deep / 15′ wide / 3′ high
There is a limited amount of space backstage. You may end up storing empty cases in your vehicle or trailer.
The live room is a good sounding room, and as such we rarely use drum overheads, hi hat mics, etc.


Sound check: We provide a full sound-check for the headliner, and the opening band will get a brief sound check before we open doors.


For touring engineers: Persons operating equipment of the Local 506 must be respectful of its limitations, and comply with the verbal input of the house engineer. Our house engineer has the discretion to pull any visiting engineer off the P.A. if deemed necessary to protect our equipment. Bands will be billed for damaged equipment in the appropriate circumstances.


Bands are responsible for any damage to but not limited to equipment including
microphones, stands, monitors, sound boards. Receipts for that night will be with
held from that nights settlement to cover the cost of any damage incurred.


For any tech questions, please e-mail our Production Manager Xopher at