Candy Hearts

Cat's Cradle Presents

Candy Hearts

Allison Weiss, Pentimento, The Record

Sun, March 3, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Local 506

Chapel Hill, NC


This event is all ages

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Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts is the project of Mariel Loveland, Christian Migliorese, Kris Hayes, and Christina Picciano. Their sugary brand of punk-tinged indie delivers just the right amount of 90s nostalgia. Loveland's introspective lyrics create a portrait of youth for all that it is—care-free, innocent, and fun, yet uncertain, lonely, ambivalent, and pissed-off. As the soundtrack to suburban summers spent driving in cars, playing music in your friend's basement, and wandering through the many diners that line the highways of New Jersey, Candy Hearts' honest sing-a-longs will have you humming to yourself and recalling a time where your future seemed limitless, but all you could care about was the first boy you ever kissed.
Allison Weiss
Allison Weiss
Allison Weiss (Brooklyn, NY) is an energetic 24-year-old with an electric guitar, an avid online following, and a whole lot of feelings. With her quirky charm and sharp pop sensibilities, Weiss makes losing a little more fun.

"I'm all about catchy, upbeat, feel-good music, but the one thing I seem to aways write about is heartbreak," she recently told, "I say [my songs] sound like your saddest memories sung to the tune of your happiest."

Weiss first picked up a guitar at age 14 in an attempt to impress her high school crush, and though the teenage romance died after one short month, her passion for music lived on.

After moving to Athens, GA in 2005, Weiss spent the next five years in and out of various pseudo-relationships which fueled the fire for one infectious breakup song after another. She toured the southeast relentlessly and wrote constantly, self-releasing three EPs and a fan-funded full length album by the end of 2009.

At the same time, Weiss quietly built up a dedicated internet fanbase and a reputation for shameless self promotion. She gained recognition in the music community for her effective grassroots marketing techniques and spoke on a 2010 SXSW panel about crowdfunding, all while earning a BFA at the University of Georgia.

Now performing with a full band, her live shows are louder and faster and more fun than ever, showcasing her unique brand of punk/folk infused powerpop and knack for keeping the audience wanting more. In August of 2010 she packed her bags and moved to Brooklyn, NY with plans to spend 2011 recording and touring and never looking back.
Pentimento is a 4 piece punk rock outfit from Buffalo, NY that strives to create a sound focused on the raw emotion of the punk scene that birthed them.

While staying true to the roots and influences of their upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity you take away when listening to their music. The goal of Pentimento has always been to create passionate music that they could share with others and have the listener feel and connect with on a personal level.

Pentimento entered the studio early this year (2011) to record their newest EP "Wrecked". Pentimento's process of writing and recording Wrecked was to weed out any possibility of artificial factors or "studio magic". The goal was to bring the most genuine and real instance to the listener with the hopes that the same experience that is put across live, comes across on their recordings. Pentimentos' "Wrecked" has achieved that goal and surpassed it with one of the most honest EPs to come out this year. Panic Records is proud to release Wrecked on CD and Digital formats on July 19th, 2011 with the Vinyl version to follow shortly after.
The Record
The Record
The Record, a Carrboro-based group initially assembled from chance meetings, remains of other bands, and responses to a local craigslist ad placed by bassist, Tyler Drake, is both the catalyst and the outcome of a group of out-of-towner guys bonding over beers, love of music, and mutual solidarity in the experience of being 20-something transplants to an area that can play favorites to older and more indigenous bonds. Their music draws inspiration from navigating relationships and new adulthood while looking back with nostalgia to a love of 1990s alternative rock.

"I think we draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources musically in this band," explains guitarist and vocalist, Sean Spollen. The 2013 EP, Seirenes, certainly flirts with both embracing youthful audacity like in the most summery classic rock anthems, while also dipping into darker moods that reflect a love of the gritty ambiance oozing from old Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins albums.

The Record is truly a collective effort where the members are happy to rotate the spotlight. Will Hendrick, the keyboardist and vocalist with a background singing in church choirs, has rich baritone that will rise and swell into a song as though it is warmly reaching up and over a hill, and the new addition of a drummer to The Record in the form of Robbie Duncan, has allowed the songs to breathe and move out from an enriched physicality in rhythm that can only come from live percussion.

As all the members had to work around busy life schedules to create and record the songs at Drake and Spollen’s home, the immense undertaking of self-releasing Seirenes is a testament to the members’ driving love of music. The most affirming thing about Seirenes is its commitment to sincere rock. "We swung back away from the complex arrangement of [The Record’s 2012 EP] Party Monster and wrote a simpler, more straight ahead rock EP," admitted Drake, "When you record in a house and not a studio there are a lot of limitations. We don't have the high-end microphones and gear that a professional studio has so we have to be patient and creative to find the sound we want."

Ultimately, Seirenes is a record of affirmation; songs may narrate the crestfallen responses to a bad turn in relationships, but fundamentally assert the resolve to come out whole on the other side. In regard to this, Spollen acknowledged, "the songs talk about dealing with temptation: the temptation to give up, to get into a situation that can be self-destructive. Everyone has different "sirens" in their life - and sometimes you gotta face your demons, or battle them and get over them."

- Whitney Ayres Kenerly
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516