But You Can Call Me John, St. Anthony and the Mystery Train

But You Can Call Me John

St. Anthony and the Mystery Train

Saint Bear, Brother Galen

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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But You Can Call Me John
But You Can Call Me John
BUT YOU CAN CALL ME JOHN is a one man folk punk band created by John Tomasevich. He wrote, recorded and mixed his first record, "mediocrity von repetition!" in his Raleigh, North Carolina apartment over the closing months of 2015. The record combines the angst of his punk rock heroes Against Me! with the folk, heartland rock sound of his first musical love, John Mellencamp.
St. Anthony and the Mystery Train
St. Anthony and the Mystery Train
SAATM is a band of storytellers taking cues from the magical realism of Tom Waits, free-associations of Bob Dylan, and spirituality of Johnny Cash.

St. Anthony and The Mystery Train evolved out of a friendship-turned-creative-collaboration between TJ Volgare and Dave Staples while both were living on the coast of Southern California. One might say the music they wrote originally was a byproduct of homesickness. By channeling the hills, mountains and river-valleys of their childhood into song improvisations they were spontaneously connected to a hybrid expression of folk, country and blues music that would become the backdrop of all their songs.

After T.J. and Dave settled in Durham, NC they added the locomoting rhythms of Steven DeConto on bass and Simpson Eason on drums. Soon after, they welcomed the post-punk virtuosity of Michael DePue on lead guitar and ethereal vocals from Paula Hardy, thus completing, "The Mystery Train."
Brother Galen
Brother Galen
brother galen
is a
a French medieval lyric poet composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love.
synonyms:minstrel, singer, balladeer, poet, bard;
"a band of wandering troubadours"
a poet who writes verse to music.
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516