Sound System 7, Hudson & Haw, (J) Rowdy, David Wimbish, The Tan and Sober Gentlemen, Stephanie Morgan

Chapel Hill's 45th Annual Festifall

Sound System 7

Hudson & Haw

(J) Rowdy

David Wimbish

The Tan and Sober Gentlemen

Stephanie Morgan

Sunday, October 1, 2017

11:00 am (event ends at 6:00 pm)


Hudson & Haw
Hudson & Haw
Hudson & Haw is singer-songwriter Thomas Hudson Strayhorn based out of Durham, NC. He released his debut album in April of 2016. While these recordings boast a full band including bass, cello, electric guitar, and percussion, he plays solo shows that provide more intimate insight into the way his songs are written.
The Tan and Sober Gentlemen
The Tan and Sober Gentlemen
Hailing from Snow Camp, North Carolina, the Tan and Sober Gentlemen pioneer a sound they call "Celtic punk-grass." Raw and unfiltered, this style is a blend of hard-driving, danceable roots music from both sides of the pond, delivered with a punk edge and whisky-fuelled abandon. They are particularly noted for their rip-roaring live show, featuring all sorts of on-stage shenanigans, audience engagement, and above all tremendous energy. As far as folk music goes, the Tan and Sober Gentlemen are the best drinking and dancing band you''ll find.

The Tan and Sober Gentlemen draws upon the roots of traditional Irish ballads, reels, and jigs as well as Americana roots music. Together, the combination creates a lively and fun performance guaranteed to keep your hands clapping and feet moving! When performing as a full five-piece band, reviews have stated that their music is like that of the Irish rock bands The Pogues, The Young Dubliners, and Scythian.
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516