Toys for Tots Benefit Show featuring:


Ben Davis and the Jetts, Bitter Resolve, Scribblin', Secret Hearts, Beau Bennett

Friday, December 8, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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Shelles started from the bare bones recordings of songwriter Stuart Edwards. Edwards, who formerly wrote songs with the outfit Old Bricks takes his understated, heady, and sometimes grave content, and adds a full band including Justin Blatt (viola, Shit Horse), Chris Girard (bass, formerly of Spider Bags), John Jaquiss (drums, Jphono1), and Reid Johnson (guitar, Schooner). The 5 piece advances Edwards compositions into a larger, sweeping Southern Gothic affair, with rhythms and tonal nuances interacting underneath the witty, hauntingly melodic, sometimes eviscerating verse of Edwards. The introspective intimacy of Edwards old work still resounds throughout the cacophony.
Bitter Resolve
Bitter Resolve
It’s a sound as old and weathered as the metamorphic bedrock under Chapel Hill, yet Bitter Resolve’s growl and grit also implies the living tectonic forces that oh-so-patiently shape the landscape itself. In debut LP Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning, the trio hearkens to heavy metal’s very inception. Blues riffage is subverted and given sharp, unwieldy angles: drumwork is freed from its traditional homogeneous plod and allowed to move laterally: and the distortion on that bass is just thick enough to give a contact buzz.

Chapel Hill and the Triangle area, until recently, had precious little heavy music to offer: the field is wide-open for Bitter Resolve’s brand of stoner-heaviness. Drummer Mike Glass' beats are expressive and asymmetrical – he builds them, hammer and nail, from the ground up rather than subscribing to established rock drummer tropes. Walsh chugs with pagan defiance on a bass a year older than Black Sabbath. And guitarist R. Corey Dial grins euphorically, playing with his entire body as he solos or crunches along. His enthusiasm is as infectious as the patient thickness of music not evolved from, but born alongside 70s hard-smoking proto-metal.

The record demands high-volume treatment and the live show is a full-body experience, like a medieval battle witnessed firsthand, as Bitter Resolve fights for every inch of ground on some rugged, battered field.
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516