Sound System Seven

Sound System Seven

Bellflower, The Oatmeal Conspiracy

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$6.00 - $8.00

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Sound System Seven
Sound System Seven
Veteran musicians, including former Archbishops of Blount Street, deliver the skankin'est sound around. Ska, Rock and Reggae, if it hits on the twos and fours it's ours and it's yours. Because the only GOOD system is a SOUND system!
I don’t know about the robots. As far as I can tell, Bellflower generates music manually. Whether acoustic or electric, the process is organic and as natural as can be found in a modern technological world.

Lead singer Natasha Wilson may be the prototype for the next generation of robotic vocalists. Her fluid yet powerful vocals would be hard to duplicate however, and appears to be beyond the current state of the art of robotics.

Band leader Franklin Bellflower donated his name to this project, over his own protests. Many years experience with a rootsy bluesy rock and roll matrix have perfected an earthy green guitar style that would certainly qualify for LEEDS Certification.

Chuck Morton plays keyboards by ear, but mostly he uses his fingers. With ten fingers available and 88 keys arrayed in traditional format, he lays down an old school rhythm that he has been doing for so long it came back into fashion. However the keyboard plays itself fairly well if you push the right buttons. Robotic progress continues.

Greg “Nuke” Bernucca holds down the bottom end playing bass as no robot would. His universal oneness suggests a soul no robot could possess.

Jeff Lindsay provides percussive thrust with emotion beyond robotic understanding. He exhibits a versatility and variety in rhythm, rhyme and reason beyond the programmatic controls of any Casio to date.

Bellflower gigs tend to grow organically and extemporaneously depending on who we see in the audience. Chapel Hill and Carrboro are so rich with talent who will willingly step up to a mic and do a thing. This is as it should be. Let’s see a robot do that!
The Oatmeal Conspiracy
The Oatmeal Conspiracy
Up until 2009, the band’s live sound had to compensate for the lack of a “low end” presence with computer software gimmickry lovingly dubbed the "band in the box". Pre- recorded bass lines dictated what the trio could and could not do during performances. Restless as ever, the trio reached out and found the final ingredient. Chad's hometown friend and college roommate Matt Levine (bass) entered the picture in the summer of 2009. Matt cut his teeth on the road the previous decade with crowd favorite bands. Since joining the band, Matt’s solid playing and songwriting contributions have continued to raise the bar.

But what does The Oatmeal Conspiracy mean? Again, it’s an absurdist name meant for a double take upon hearing it for the first time. The Oatmeal Conspiracy started as friends of similar musical wants and the love of originality. It was so infectious, that more friends entered the fold. And now it is what it is today: four guys making their own rules, making the music they want to make, and being true to the free spirit inside each of them. That is all revealed once you hear the music. Dancing is optional, toe tapping is not. Heck, it may even give you a reason to believe in music again. And if history can predict anything, the best is yet to come!
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516