Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric

Reese McHenry

Monday, April 23, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Wreckless Eric
Wreckless Eric
Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realised he was stuck with it. Onstage he hides behind nothing, he tells the truth with big open chords, squalls of feedback, lilting enchantment, bizarre stories and backchat.

His new album “amERICa” out now on Fire Records is enjoying universal acclaim from critics and public alike.

Nothing Eric has to say sounds like it was said by someone else first. Some people can’t take it. Thirty seven years of touring have left him in good shape. He’s coming to town.

“One of the greatest songwriters ever to come out of Great Britain” Marc Riley BBC 6 MUSIC

“amERICa is that rare record. Goulden is grownup, with all of the stereotypical benefits: an air of wisdom, emotional texture, and, perhaps most cliché of all, a seasoned voice. amERICa isn’t complacent or satisfied; Wreckless Eric anatomizes his surroundings with the wide-eyed thrill of discovery. His American flyover reveals simmering cultural disturbances and essential beauty alike.” Pitchfork

“Wreckless Eric has always been a pop musician. That is, he writes melodies with hooks in the chorus and fills his verses with quick, vivid details aimed to make you nod your head in recognition. The precise nostalgia and wry yearning he brings to this slice of autobiography rings true, funny and poignant.” Ken Tucker, NPR/Fresh Air
Reese McHenry
Reese McHenry
Reese McHenry grew up in Northern Minnesota. Nomadic by nature, she moved to different cities before settling in Durham, NC in 2000. In 2005 she started the seminal garage rock blues band The Dirty Little Heaters, beginning as a duo with Melissa Thomas, and in 2007, changing to a trio with Rob Walsh (Spinns) and Dave Perry (Jett Rink). The Dirty Little Heaters went on hiatus in 2011 citing Reese’s health problems and the departure of drummer Perry.

Reese can sing. In addition to being able to project her voice and sing on key, she can cut through the frequency of a heavy band with her crunchy and controlled scream. She has an emotive blues voice that changes from aggressive, powerful to soft and sweet. She often gets compared to Janis Joplin, but I find this to be a lazy as the comparison is less true in terms of sound and more so in terms of abandon.

Very prolific, Reese has written well over 300 songs, most waiting in the wings to be recorded. In her new duo, Reese McHenry and The Fox, her songwriting is short, punchy, and full on rock and roll. She can sing the most aggressive gut punch of a song, and also a quiet, aching country song, although not at the same show. Her songs are vastly different, although one could still categorize them under the term “rock” the real thread connecting them is her brand of wry humor mixed with her ability to catch a hook in a song and place it at just the right spot. The aggressive songs written for the duo could not transfer well to an acoustic set, and vice versa. So she does both solo and band sets.

Sidetracked by a near fatal stroke and Pulmonary Edema brought on by Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB), Reese spent 2009 - 2015 in and out of the hospital, at times so sick she could not walk 100 feet without resting. The decision to sever the faulty part of her heart and install a pacemaker, along with full gastric bypass has put her back on track to full time rock and roll.

Her new duo is not to be missed. Drummer Stephen Gardner, a Watertown, New York native living in Raleigh, NC, is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist who rounds Reese’s songs out perfectly. His busy, heavy kick drum mimics a bass guitar, holding the low end down with Reese’s power chords, opening up space for Reese’s wail and catchy songs to shine through. The two of them onstage are obviously having a wonderful time, laughing and poking fun at each other. They take themselves seriously where it matters, in the songs.
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Local 506
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