Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen

Jesse Marchant, North Elementary

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Bishop Allen
Bishop Allen
The new Bishop Allen record, Lights Out, is here at last. Here's what went into
it: ten years, three full-lengths, twelve EPs, thousands of shows, a move out of
Brooklyn, a new home in the wooly wilds of Kingston, NY, time off to score
the films Bully and Mutual Friends, as well as an Anderson Cooper 360 special,
months of demos, drum tracking in a sweat-lodge attic studio during a July heat
wave, a wet Fall arranging guitars, bass, and synths in a now-chilly attic studio,
the coldest December on record spent mixing, a close call with a frozen pipe and
flooded hard drives, and a photo found on a friend's refrigerator.

Here's what you do with it: Check the weather. If you live in the Northern
Hemisphere, you've still got some summer left—the bittersweet tail end of it. Get
yourself invited to some cookouts, or throw one, and if you still have it in you to
get a little drunk or otherwise shut off any sense of responsibility, go for that. Play
this record at that event. You don't have to listen too closely—it sounds great &
you're going to have fun with it and feel good. Hey! you'll say, I wish we had this
record at the beginning of the summer!
Couple weeks later, summer's over. Responsibility is creeping back in. Driving
home from the last party of the season, you keep the record rolling in the car, like
you're huffing the last fumes of this night…and now you quiet down & some of
the haze in your mind clears…Listen to what this guy's singing. And realize that
this record is not what you thought it was at all. Goddamnit! Bait-and-switch!
These songs are downright melancholic!

"It is a narrowing, it is a shrinking…" "I was so cold…" "How long until the next
defeat?..." "Go on, black hole, and tear the sky to pieces…" Jesus, that's just how
a few of these songs begin. Was he really singing that all along?

Stick with me, this is the crucial part. We've experienced our thesis (party) and
our antithesis (the abyss). Go home, drink plenty of fluids, survive tomorrow's
hangover…and when you're ready, start to wrap your head around the synthesis.
It's not just a stunt—it's not like they're putting Rammstein lyrics to the tune
of "Love Shack" & having a sophomoric chuckle over it. Nah. Listen again,
think back, and realize…through every one of those cookouts…deep into every
laughter-filled late night…surrounded by the best friends you'll ever have...well,
damn if that sadness and weariness he's talking about weren't right there with you
all that whole time. Damn if he wasn't transcribing the thoughts you didn't even
realize you were having.

Turns out the good and the bad, your youth and your aging--what's left of them
both--were inseparable. So the record is still fun too! Put it on and dance around
your kitchen. Grow 43 minutes older once again and be grateful you spent them
how you did.

Here's who worked on Lights Out: Justin Rice (vocals, guitar, synths), Michael
Tapper (drums, backing vocals, synths), Darbie Nowatka (vocals), Dave Lerner
(bass, additional guitar, backing vocals), Christian Rudder (additional guitar),
Matthew Cullen (additional guitar), Eli Walker (additional bass), Ken Cook
(backing vocals), Anne Cunningham (backing vocals), and Jon Natchez (horns).
It was produced and mixed by Matthew Cullen in Bishop Allen's hometown of
Kingston, NY.
Jesse Marchant
Jesse Marchant
Jesse Marchant is a Swiss-Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer based in New York City. He has recorded 4 studio albums and an EP, Brightest of Feathers. His most recently completed LP Illusion of Love will be released in January of 2018.

Jesse Brian Marchant was born in Montreal, Canada on January 29th 1981 to a Swiss mother and Canadian father. He began classical guitars lessons at age 7 and attended a French Lycée for elementary and high school. He is fluent in English, French and Swiss-German. Jesse attended McGill University, majoring in Civil Engineering and then Finance, before dropping out in his last semester. Marchant moved to New York City in 2001 and has lived in the United States since.

Jesse wrote songs for his first album while living in Los Angeles from 2003-2007. Not Even in July was recorded in Hudson, NY at Henry Hirsch’s church studio, in the fall of 2008 and released on Partisan Records in the spring of 2010, subsequent to his self-releasing it in 2009.
Marchant has produced or co-produced all of his records and performed many of the recordings himself. Stray Ashes was engineered and performed by Marchant alone, in a rented great lodge in N. Argyle, NY.
Bass was later added by Macy Taylor with additional drumming by Makenzie Smith. The album was mixed by Grammy-Winning producer John Congleton and released on Western Vinyl in 2012. Marchant's album's since have been engineered, mixed and co-produced D. James Goodwin, and released on Marchant's No Other label.

Marchant has completed numerous headline tours of the US and Canada, in addition to national support slots for the Mercury Prize-Winning group Alt-J, Other Lives, Nathaniel Rateliff, Sondre Lerche, Rogue Wave, Cloud Cult, Heartless Bastards, Local Natives, AA Bondy, Damien Jurado, among others.

Marchant’s songs have been featured on many Emmy Award-Winning shows, including Gray’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Shameless, The Blacklist, Eyewitness, Bones, Hawaii-5-0, Elementary, etc.

For his self-titled record marchant produced a video trilogy starring Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Abbott. The series was directed by Houmam Abdallah, with cinematography by Zack Galler, filmed on
Location in the desert of 29 Palms. The parts were premiered by Entertainment Weekly and Buzzfeed. Abdallah also directed a video for Marchant’s Only Now, filmed on location in Loch Ness, Scotland, which
was premiered by Nowness. His first video off Illusion of Love, for the song Sister, I was directed by Brady Corbet, whose first film
won 2 Golden Lions at the 2015 Venice International Film Festival. The video features sky-writing by the stunt pilot Nathan Hammond.
North Elementary
North Elementary
Clarity is overrated. Just ask North Elementary, a band that boasts its blissed-out, fuzzed-out pop with swagger equivalent to its rock 'n' roll sensibilities. Between distorted chords and driving riffs, John Harrison leads the band through labyrinthine songs tinged with lo-fi, vintage grit. It's the happy medium between heady, atmospheric rock and arresting noise, and Harrison and company bounce between these two poles authoritatively. From a sound that originated in bedrooms and basements in the early '90s to Harrison's past involvement with psychrock band The Comas, North Elementary has proven itself a chameleon. Still, in the shift from static to beeps to arresting vocals, the band maintains a distinct and inimitable identity, one that's garnered praise from critics throughout the Triangle and beyond. North Elementary weaves sonic textures with unexpected and incredible results, merging myriad noises into concentrated meditations. Who needs clarity when there's so much beauty in the chaos?

-by Linnie Greene
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516