Bitter Resolve

Toys4Tots Benefit Show

Bitter Resolve

PIPE, Dynamite Brothers, JPhono1, Beau Bennett

Friday, December 18, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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Bitter Resolve
Bitter Resolve
Bitter Resolve is the collaboration of three longtime friends: R. Corey Dial, Mike Glass and Robert Walsh. Founded in 2010 by Dial and Walsh, the band went through several drummers before finding Glass, the missing piece they were looking for.

After two self released LPs "Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning (2011) and "The Early Interstellar Medium" (2012) the band is happy to be working with Via Nocturna to release their third LP "Seven New Worlds."

Bitter Resolve has shared the stage with Weedeater, ASG, Golden Void, Valient Thorr, U.S. Christmas (USX), Across Tundras, Cough, Windhand, Sinister Haze, Arbouretum, Crowbar, and many others.

As an ever darkening cloud moves over our collective landscape, Seven New Worlds offers a heavy glimmer of hope in these truly trying times.
In 1992, Pipe—Ron Liberti (vocals), Mike Kenlan (guitar), Dave Alworth (bass), and former Superchunk drummer Chuck Garrison—released the Ball Peen EP (Sonic Bubblegum). Kenlan then left to concentrate on Small (later Small 23, which also included Garrison).

Clifton Lee Mann of the Bad Checks came on to play guitar temporarily until a permanent guitarist could be found. Mann and Liberti worked well together, and Mann stayed. Pipe recorded their first single “You’re Soaking in It” in 1993 followed by their full-length debut, Six Days to Bellus (Jesus Christ), in 1994.

Pipe then toured with Bad Brains and soon began work on their second full-length, International Cement (Jesus Christ), released in 1995 along with the “Raceway Park” single on Amish Records. Bassist Alworth quit the band after a tour with Polvo and Archers of Loaf. Greg Adams replaced Alworth, and Pipe recorded their third album, Slowboy, released on Merge in 1997. Merge then re-released Pipe’s two earlier albums and several singles. An unfortunate series of events (Garrison’s broken hand early during a tour and an injury to Mann’s hand and eventual departure) led to the dissolution of Pipe in 1999. The band got back together in 2005 for a reunion show, and again in 2009 for XX Merge. The band continues to play live.
The image of an astronaut on a horse has about become synonymous with John Harrison, the songwriting force behind Chapel Hill’s band North Elementary and now also solo project Jphono1. It’s an image that really makes no sense, but then makes total sense when you get to know John Harrison as a songwriter. An astronaut loves space and has great confidence to explore unknown territory using technology and physics to guide. Cowboys are grounded, earthy, and gritty. Both revel in the exploration of something novel and their freedom to keep on for that next discovery, both like Harrison’s songwriting, journeying you to the far-reaches while keeping you firmly grounded in familiar ease.

This ain’t John Harrison’s first rodeo/space shuttle launch. He’s orbited a few times now, playing since the early 90’s, touring around the country and locally with his bands The Comas and currently with North Elementary. He has played with dozens of musicians, and is firmly established in the area as an experienced and gifted collaborator. Sometimes though, the cowboy-astronaut needs a more solitary journey.

On the 2nd record "Know Your Clouds" recording songs in the ramshackle-3D-foaty style of the highly acclaimed debut Living is Easy, Jphono1 explores new elements in sounds and arrangements with a cohesive focus on his sophomore release. The introduction of drums, piano, and fuzzed out electric guitars help to ground many of the songs without stitching up frayed edges. Fragments of electronics, acoustic guitars, and keys join what at first resemble straight-forward compositions, only to break apart into an acid induced haze. This is a great trip of a record.

Jphono1’s solo release “Living is Easy” is such a trip, a cohesive album of nine songs pulling together modern and traditional musical sounds of the world, integrating them together making something out of place feel familiar. The songs are anchored by acoustic guitar melodies with richly layered vocals and harmonies, and solid, relaxed rhythms. The magic is in the warbling organs, birds chirping, the layered wavers and bends, clocks ticking. A banjo porch picnic seamlessly morphs into an Indian tala. The pop melodies shift minor with a discordant and melancholic need to move on, but settle back into a gentle comfortable handhold. The cowboy’s banjo, guitar and harmonica are right at home alongside astronaut’s spacey techno-programmed beats, synthesized strings, and organs- all blending brilliantly.
Venue Information:
Local 506
506 W. Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516